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As seasoned investors and a dedicated property management firm, we possess a distinct comprehension essential for pinpointing lucrative properties and optimizing returns. Being a member of the Hawthorn Capital Group, we’re privileged with access to exclusive insights and data that set us apart from the competition. Our bespoke approach enables us to grasp market dynamics thoroughly and tailor strategies that align perfectly with the individual objectives of our clients. Under the stewardship of Prime Residential, our clientele benefits from an all-encompassing suite of property investment and management solutions. Entrust us with your precious investments for outstanding outcomes.

Investment Strategy Crafted by Investors for Investors

At the heart of our operations, we are investors ourselves. Our investment recommendations come from a place of genuine endorsement; if we suggest it, it’s because we see its value and often, we’re investing alongside you. Our selection process involves carefully choosing the finest UK property investments from our network of trusted developers, with our dedicated in-house property management team taking care of everything thereafter.


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Investor-Centric Approach

Mersey Square operates with a unique perspective that stems from being investors themselves. This ensures that every investment recommendation is not just advice but a choice they are personally willing to make and often invest in alongside their clients, highlighting a deep alignment of interests and a commitment to mutual success.

In-House Property Management

Unlike relying on external property managers, Mersey Square boasts a dedicated in-house team responsible for the comprehensive management of properties. This approach ensures a seamless, integrated service experience for clients, from investment selection to ongoing property management.

Understanding Client Pain Points

With a substantial portfolio of their own properties, Mersey Square is intimately familiar with the challenges and "pain points" that landlords face. This experience allows them to preemptively address issues and implement strategies that mitigate risks and enhance the overall investment experience for their clients.

Selective Investment Choices

The team at Mersey Square meticulously handpicks the finest property investments across the UK. Their selection is based on a rigorous evaluation process, working closely with a pool of reputable developers to ensure that clients have access to premier investment opportunities that promise desirable returns.

Ownership Perspective in Management

Setting Mersey Square apart is their unique position as both property managers and property owners. This dual role imbues them with a firsthand understanding of the intricacies and challenges of property management, enabling a more empathetic and effective management strategy that aligns closely with the interests of their clients.

Comprehensive Investment and Management Solutions

Mersey Square offers a holistic suite of services that cover the entire spectrum of property investment and management. From identifying lucrative investment opportunities to managing these properties with the utmost care and professionalism, clients can trust in Mersey Square to provide a complete, end-to-end service that ensures their investments are well-managed and profitable.

At Mersey Square, we blend our passion for investment with a commitment to your success. As fellow investors, we understand the journey and promise to navigate it alongside you, offering handpicked opportunities and meticulous management. Trust in us to treat your investments with the same care and dedication we apply to our own. Welcome to the Mersey Square family, where your property portfolio is in experienced hands.
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